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Orlando Tony Parker

As the years go by, I find myself looking at what I have done in my short life.
I decided to make a new web page called Inside the Mind of OTP.
I hope to document some of my thinking processes, so that people can get to know why I do the things I do.
We need people who care and freely teach our people. This will help us all grow as a country and a world.
For me it started with getting a rusty old motorcyle to run under electric power.
I also made solar panels and many teaching tools to show people what can be done.
I freely give this information on my website to anyone who can use it to help others.
I also give some of my time to talk and try to inspire people. One of my saying is I help people from age of 6 to 96.
I did this with very little income and help.
The key thing is I made the motorcycle work and this started me working for our people.
I started working with people in gangs and also with any organizations that would let me talk and show my teaching tools.
I been in the news and on many webs sites for the work I am trying to do, but I hope to get many people to do what I am doing.
If I leave something on this earth after I am gone, it is that I am showing that we can make things work and solve problems.
We just have to have hope and put our minds to it.
I will add to this web page as I feel the need to post my thoughts.
May we all have a better future.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

On this page I will show some my Technology displays

I was thinking out side the box and can up with this Space Colony Display.

Hydrogen scoop spaceship.

space rover.

Pathfinder drones

otp rover

Robots at work

Deep space array

Fusion Reactor

Space Colney

solar array

Space rocket

Hope center

Times are hard for many of us, but we must keep up hope and work together..
I am taking life one day at a time and giving it my best.

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)