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Loading Ramp
Solar teaching model
solar tablesaw
OTP wind farm model.
Solar Cell phone charger.
What do you do when you need to cut the grass.
You remove the gas engine.
You make an electric green cutting machine.
We needed a working solar farm model.
This is what we made.
We upgraded our wind generator to a three blade design.
Our wind generator with the three blades mounted.
This is our model of a home with solar and wind power.
We have a solar cooker on the upper right porch.
If a caveman can live off the grid so can we.

These are various ways of connecting motors to power and drive wheels.
From Left to right we have a direct drive, belt drive, transmission drive, and gear reduction unit.

Our electric vehicle training unit is design to help teach people the basic of an electric vehicle.
From left to right we have an controller input device, power input module, controller, and electric motor .
This teaching module is one of my most liked teaching tools.

I had a need for a large 12v battery charger.
I made this 100 amp 12v battery charger.
I took the charger to Baldwin Battery Service in Omaha, Nebraska which is known for quality service.
The battery specialist and I tested the charger.
All I wanted was 35 amps of power and we peak at 100 amps.
The charger was tested holding at 50 amps on a bad battery.
Baldwin Battery Service can test any battery and tested my custom homemade charger.
I appreciated his help.

Yes we have 1200 watts on that meter.
I can build a battery charger for my electric motorcycle or electric car.

Technology Experience and Future
This happen at the October 03, 2009 Child Saving Institute Omaha Touch a Truck event.

I was at the October 24, 2009 Earth 350 event in Omaha, Nebraska.
I am showing the Mayor Jim Suttle my solar display.

I found myself with dead batteries in my digital camera.
Thinking outside the box I took apart one of my cordless drills.
I picked some cordless drills up from garage sales. Many for less than one dollar.
Most of the time the chargers to the drills are lost or broken.
I know my camera use two AA batteries so I am using three Nicad batteries.
Alkaline battery have a voltage of 1.5v and a Nicad battery have a 1.2v output, that is why I am using three Nicads for my camera. The key for me is the number of batteries the the camera use and add one more battery if you use Nicads.
This works for digital cameras using four batteries of less.
If you do try this it is at your own risk. The photo of the drill and Nicad batteries was taken with my digital camera attached to the Nicads
You can see the wire coming from the Nicad batteries and going to my camera.
I also used a solar panel to charge the Nicad batteries.
One can say I now have a solar digital camera.

I am converting this riding lawn tractor to electric power.
I will name this tractor Lightning Volt.

I could not at this time build a real solar airplane.
This is a model of a solar airplane using working solar cells and a motor.
I put the display in one of our educational centers in Omaha, Nebraska.
The young people loved it.

What do we do with a trash can filled with parts?.

We will make a robot out of the parts and will use the trash can too.
This robot will move, talk, it will see in black and white, and hear.
I only have parts for the robot to see in black and white at this time.
As I get parts the robot will get better and do more things.

We had a unbelievable win at the 2010 car and motorcycle show.
The show was Aug.21. 2010 at the Liberty Christian Center in Omaha,Nebraska and the vehicles are works of art.
The people picked Electra Green as the Number 1 custom motorcycle.

We had our next win at the WCW (Werner Cycle Works) 2010 car and motorcycle show.
The show was Aug.28. 2010 at the Werner cycle Work in Omaha,Nebraska.
Electra Green got picked as the Number 2 custom motorcycle.
What would happen if I had MONY to really fix up Electra Green.
With three trophies the will make Electra Green a more effictive tool to use to keep young people out of drugs and gangs.
I really feel good building this electric motorcycle.

I needed a way to load heavy scrap metal into my truck.
I quickly found out that a small crane cost two arms and a leg.
I modified a shop crane into to a scrap metal crane.