Welcome to our XL PRO tips and tricks, also will work for the 6000 DI detectors.
We will be putting up our tips and tricks. If you have a good tip email us and we may post it for all to see.
The XL PRO is one of the finest ID detector made and we want to keep it alive.
This detector is no longer being made. This is one reason why we are setting up this web page. We will also post some of your nice finds made with the XL PRO

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My XL PRO setup.

My first tip and one of my best is to read read read these two books.

Tips and tricks 2: I like to hunt for silver so I set up this silver garden.
Starting at the letter P, I put a preclad penney at 8 inches, the next 5 inches, 3 inches and at the tree is one that is one inch deep.
Do the same for the N=Nickel, D=Dime and Q=Quarter. All coins are a foot apart.
Do not use your good silver coins in ths test garden
Make sure you clean out all the metal trash from your test garden first
I set my detector in the all metal mode to clean my test site. There are many ways to setup a test garden.
The key to any test garden is to use all of your detector modes, settings and coils. Learn what your detector is telling you.
It takes time to master a high end detector and yes the XL PRO is a very high end detector.

Tips and tricks 3: If you want the deep coins use the all metal mode and the XL PRO will go very deep.
The all metal mode is the deepest detecting mode on the XL PRO.

Tips and trick 4: This is my fix for moving control knobs.
I use rubber grommets and cut them in half.
Put one half grommet on each control knob.
Make sure your controls nuts are tight on your XL PRO,then replace the control knobs.
By cutting the grommet in half only a slight resistance will be on the control knobs.
This works well for my XL PRO

Cut the rubber gromets in half.

Tips and tricks 5: If you zig zag your coil you will miss some very good coins or rings etc.
In our example we would have missed a gold ring and the silver dollar.

Tips and tricks 6: I use the hole in my 950 coil as my deep coin scan area.
I would overlap my first path to maximize my deep coin detecting.

Tips and tricks 7: What the TR detector coil sees in the ground.
A TR coil will detect metal in an inverted cone shape.
The deeper the coin is in the ground, the coil will have a smaller detecting area on the coin.
By using the hole in my 950 coil as my detecting area I would detect the penny, the dime, and half dollar if my coil was centered over the coin.
If I use the whole coil area and not over lap my coil path, I would have missed the dime and half dollar.

Tips and tricks 7: If you want to hunt the old and deep coins you need to think like an archaeologist.
I would grid a 2 by 6 foot area and if the area is full of trash I would use a sniper coil.
My next step is to go over the grid with a 8 inch coil and last with the 950 coil.
If the gridded area is giving up good coins, I will use three types of coils before I woild grid a new spot.
The key to this type of hunting is patience.

Tips and tricks 8: Get a second battery pack for back up power for your XL PRO.
Do lable your battery packs.

Tips and tricks 9: That nasty foam pad in the armrest has the life span of a house fly.
Go to your local leather goods shop and get a nice piece of 3/16" thick black leather scrap and cut it to the same shape.
Spray the back with spray adhesive and slowly pull the old foam pad off and clean residue off with "Goo gone".
Carefully line up the new pad in position and press it in place.
That's the last pad you will ever need.
From user poptop of www.findmall.com

Tips and tricks 10: Add a pointer to your meter to mark area on the meter for accept or reject metal.

Tips and tricks 11: With the higher frequency of the M6 and the lower frequency for the XL PRO,I now a good setup for hunting aluminum to zinc .

Tips and tricks 12: We pick up this pack of small storage containers for one doller.
Put your good finds in them to protect them.

Tips and tricks 13: Scan a target in more then one direction so your detector can analyze it.

Tips and tricks 14: You should get the accessory coils for hunting deep targets and for hunting in trashy areas.

Tips and tricks 15: To hunt coins get a small coil.
I'm using a 6 inch coil for hunting coins.

Tips and tricks 16: Kneepads are a must when metal detecting.

Tips and tricks 17: Make sure you probe have a rounded tip
You don't want to scrape you old coins.

Tips and tricks 18: Get a very good digging tool.
Please cover up all of your holes

Tips and tricks 19: Learn all you can about the type of metal detecting you want to do.
The more you learn the more you will find.

Tips and tricks 20: Put 1/4 sand and water and up to 20 coins shake and you will have clean coins.
The Quick way to clean coins.

Tips and tricks 21: Build a electrolysis cleaner to clean coins.
You can check the internet on building and using a electrolysis cleaner .

Tips and tricks 22: Build a Yourself a metel detecting feld kit.
You can check the internet ot talk to menbers of your detector club on building the type for kit for your area .

Tips and tricks 23: If possible always have a backup detector on long feld trips.
You Don't want to find a good coin site and your detector stops working on you .

Tips and tricks 24: To find deep coins and gold rings set your discrimination control as low as you can stand it.
Very low Discrimination will help you find gold.
Yes the detector is dirty I took picture after going out on A hunt.

Tips and tricks 25: Using a good pinpointer will help you in locating good coin find.
Pinpointers will also help you from scratching your good finds.

Tips and tricks 26: Using a small hand rake to remove surface trash like pulltab,poptops and aluminum foil.
That little extra work could help you find that old and hard to find coin.

Tips and tricks 27: No we are not losing our minds we wax our coils.
Putting wax on the coils will keep dirt from sticking and the coils are eazy to clean.

Tips and tricks 28: Take a small inexpensive digital camera to document your good finds and detecting sites.
You can buy low cost digtal cameras for less then $50.

Tips and tricks 29:Take a close look at the big old trees you could find old coins under them.
Remember 100 years or more ago people would sit under trees when it was very hot outside.

Tips and tricks 30: Headphones are as important as the coils for your metal detector.
Get the type of headphones that will work for your brand of detector.
Headphone will save battery power and also you can hear that soft and deep tone to get that old coin or relic.

Tips and tricks 31: Hunt under clothes lines and you will have a good chance of finding coins.
In the old days no one had dryers.

Tips and tricks 32: If you want old coins you need to find old sites.
Old homes etc will give up old coins.

Tips and tricks 33: To hunt at night we use the LED flashlight.
Led flashlights you can hunt all night and some can stay on for days on one set of batteries.

Tips and tricks 34: A good trash and coin pouch is needed for metal detecting.
We found one at the local dollar store.

Tips and tricks 35: We build a pirate chest for our metal detecting finds.
This is a fun to make for storing goodies.

Tips and tricks 36: Know your ring size.
This ring size tool will help in sizing your rings.
My wife is a size 8 and when I find ring that fit her finger she take it.

Tips and tricks 37a: How to dig and cover a hole.
This is one of the best way to dig a coin etc out of a nice yard or park.
The first thing is to cut a "U" shape flap and flip the grass over.
Part of the grass roots system will keep the flap from turning brown.

Tips and tricks 37b: Replace the dirt you remove from the hole.
Move the flap over the hole and step on the flap.
It is very hard to know where I was digging.
Keeping our parks,yards and school grounds looking nice will help our hobby.

Tips and tricks 38: If you want to find the gold you must dig the tabs.

Tips and tricks 39:Water is where the gold is.
I was using the water detector, but the XL PRO can hunt in the water as long as you don't get the control box wet.

Tips and tricks 39B:This is a my Underwater metal detector.

Tips and tricks 40:Why pay over $25 for a swingthing
. Take a guitar strap for under $5 and a small bungie cord and you got one made.