Low price diy pointer

Take a look at this coin pointer unit.
Any one who is low on the green stuff can make this coin pointer.
This page will be the start of information for the metal detector hobby. .

05/14/03 We will be working on a DIY coin cleaner or a Rock tumbler as some may call it.
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Learning and testing the Whites 5900 DI Pro SL

The 5900 is not an easy detector to use,it is an analog detector.
If you want to really learn how a detector works,learn on a 5900 or 6000.
It took me over 30 days or so to get to know this monster
I found 1000s of clads only 27 silver coins, 18 clad dollers, over 300 quarters, many dimes and lost count of nickels.

Can this beast find gold and silver? the answer is yes.

This ring was found for a lady with the XL PRO.
she made my day, she had this ring for over 30 years

I found this nail finder, then a coin pointer was born.

I took this unit apart, marked all wires, cut the case, and install sensor in pvc 1/2 inch pipe.

This is my diy coin pointer.

We took a bucket tool bag and made a coinhunter pouch out of it.

What time is it or who lost the time.
The XL PRO knows the time.

We purchased a one doller probe and a brass rod.

Our brass probe only cost us $1.26.

We are ready to free the metal detector from the head phones.
This project will be a very interesting one.

This is the first stage of the project.

We will use a $1 bucket and a $1 motor from a garage sale to make a coin cleaner.

This is a metal scoop with 1/2 inch holes drilled in it for working the sand pits.

The Beast (5900 PRO DI SL) had been replaced with the XL PRO.
We will put the (XL PRO) to the test.

I call this the XL PRO MAX .

The Ultimate setup for coins and relic hunting.

We took the Prizm out for a hunt and this is what we found.
This unit is the perfect sandbox hunter.

Prizm can do a good job in the kiddie sandbox and the dirt.
We found two siver dimes 1947,1964 a 1900 v nickel,1940 and 1943 nickel.

Our tools kit works good with this unit.

Our test with the XL Pro is going fine we are finding some silver.

Take a feedscoop cut the opening put in wire mesh and you get the point.

Sand scoop that will work and it only cost less then $8.

The scoop on scoops Why pay $100 plus for a water scoop
Take a metal tube etc from the diy store and put it on a strong hand scoop.

This is what I did to my hand scoop.

We took a Classic 1 metel detector to make a wader detector.

The inside of the classic 1 .

We looked inside a serfmaster 2 metel detector .

Inside of the classic 1 wader metel detector .

The Classic 1 wader modification.

We found gold and silver at the lake with the classic 1 wader.

Classic 1 wader finds the goods again.