The making of a scrap truck..

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Converting a f150 to a better scrap truck

I needed more space in my F150 and then the idea of a flatbed was born.
My scrap loads were under 1000lbs but many of my items take up a lot of bulk.
I could crush some items, but that takes up more time.
I needed more space in the truck and I wanted a flatbed dump truck

My first step was to remove and sell the eight foot bed.

I had to clean and remove a lot of rust.

The frame is as clean and rust free as I could get it.
I coated the frame with a rust undercoating.

I use a frame from a 6X9 camper to make my flatbed.

I cut up and cleaned the camper frame for my flatbed.

This lift is a 10 ton unit and is overkill for this truck, but the price was right.

I found this pump at a low price and I will put a new hydraulic cable on it.

I picked up two dump hinges from the scrap yard.
I will clean and grease the hinges.

Now the fun part of doing a mockup is taking a lot of measurements .

The floor of my flatbed is made from 2 X 10 pressure treated lumber.

I took the truck on her maiden voyage as a flatbed scrap truck.
I was able to load all of my E scraps on the flatbed.
It would have been two trips with my normal F150.

I unloaded the e scaps for processing and work on the truck.
I installed a window protector and lights etc.

The truck is almost done and it is getting late as you can see.
I will install the hydraulic pump,D rings and lights etc .