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Dec. 31 2009

As the year 2009 comes to an end, I find myself looking at what I have done in this year.
I decided to make a new web page called Inside the Mind of OTP.
I hope to document some of my thinking processes, so that people can get to know why I do the things I do.
We need people who care and freely teach our people. This will help us all grow as a country and a world.
For me it started with getting a rusty old motorcyle to run under electric power.
I also made solar panels and many teaching tools to show people what can be done.
I freely give this information on my website to anyone who can use it to help others.
I also give some of my time to talk and try to inspire people. One of my saying is I help people from age of 6 to 96.
I did this with very little income and help.
The key thing is I made the motorcycle work and this started me working for our people.
I started working with people in gangs and also with any organizations that would let me talk and show my teaching tools.
I been in the news and on many webs sites for the work I am trying to do, but I hope to get many people to do what I am doing.
If I leave something on this earth after I am gone, it is that I am showing that we can make things work and solve problems.
We just have to have hope and put our minds to it.
I will add to this web page as I feel the need to post my thoughts.
May we all have a better 2010.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Jan 05, 2010

I was thinking out side the box on parallel hybrid power.
Parallel hybrid power is using two different power sources together to produce mechincal work
I feel that parallel hybrid power should run on 100 percent electric power.
Electric power motors are one of the most efficient power sources.
Electric motors are far more efficient than a gas engine and much cleaner on our environment.
Gas engine on a parallel hybrid should only be use to assist the electric motor for going up hills, charging a battery, or carrying a large load.
Solar panels and or wind power can be used in this hybrid system to recharge the batteries when one is at work or at home.
We must reduce our total pollution on the earth.
We will go into extinction if we don't change or ways of living on this earth. This is a hard fact.
The main key is to slow down and not load the electric motor down.
My thinking on parallel hybrid power is if we slowly pick up speed we will save energy.
It takes more power or energy to move at a fast speed or rate.
Moving very fast quickly uses a lot of energy fast.
In most cities we have a max speed of 40 mile per hours or less.
We don't need to go from zero to sixty in five seconds I feel ten seconds or more is fast enough.
We want to keep our electric motor working with the minmum amount of current.
The electronic transmission keeps the electric motor working at its highest efficiency.
I know this system is not perfect, but it is a start.
If it sparks the mind of one person it is worth writing.
If you want to know, one of my favorites inventers was a so called self educated guy by the name John Harrison.
John Harrison made a clock in the early 1700's that changed the world and most people don't know who he was.
The big key is we need to start thinking like the inventors of the pass.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Jan 09, 2010

OTP On Electric Batteries for Electric Conversions

The lead acid battery is the best at this time for a electric comversion.
The main reason for this is that you can replace them almost anywhere.
Nickle Metal Hydride battery have a long history, but the cost and availabity of getting them is the reason I don't reccomend them.
The Lithium Ion battery is one of the best batteries for use in an electric conversion.
Until the cost comes down on Lithium Ion batteries, I don't feel at this time they would make a good choice for a electric replacement.
If I where to build a electric conversion now I would use lead acid batteries and upgrade as the better batteries price drops and their availibility changes.
I was on a web site and read many posts on why the lead acid was a poor choice for an electric conversion.
My answer is if your batteries need to be replaced, how long will it take to get more batteries.
You can get lead acid batteries almost anywhere. These are my thoughts on batteries for electric conversions.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Jan 26, 2010

My thoughts on saving energy in commuter transportation.
One of our faults is that we are driving cars with way too much power.
We can make a car with 30hp that can carry four people to 60 plus mph and get 80 plus mpg.
Why are we still making two tons of metal to take one person to work? Take a look at a Model T, it worked and it did not have a 200 hp motor.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Jan 31, 2010

Mentoring the Creative Mind
These are my thoughts on keeping our young minds creative.
I feel we need to expose our creative young minds to more science and technology.
The real work starts when you can keep the young mind focused on science and technology.
You take a young person and expose them to something new and exciting, then that situation may spark their curiosity and their creativity.
Young minds need constant new information to continue to grow, then the cycle of mental growth can begin and may be passed on to the next generation.
A mentor must have a strong love for what they teach and an ability to teach.
Look what it has done for sports. So many generations pass the love of sports to the next generation.
The same can be done for science and technology.
The key is many so called third world countries are pushing science and technology.
The question is who will become the new third world country.

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Feb 04, 2010

Education is the acquisition of information.
Knowledge is the untilization of education.

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Feb 15, 2010

What makes a creative thinker?
I find my self asking the same question that many people ask me.
People sometimes ask me what makes you think the way you do.
I feel that I have the same curiosity of a young child.
I look at young children playing, their minds are like a clear sky that they can see for miles and miles.
As the child grows up their societies or families put many restriction on how that child thinks.
How many times you hear someone telling a child stop asking me questions, stop playing or stop looking at that.
You will not amount to anything or you are asking stupid questions.
One of the most damaging things to say to anyone is you are stupid or dumb.
After a time the child or adult mind is no longer like a clear sky, but turns into a smoggy dark sky and they can not see their hands in front of their faces.
I find myself very lucky to still have a child like curiosity. This I feel make for a creative thinker.
If we want more creative thinkers we can learn a thing or two from our very young people about creativity.
Keep promoting our creative thinkers.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Feb 18, 2010

Why is it called the Golden Age?
Almost all people will collect gold and consider it to very precious.
I want us to think about the gold we are throwing away and not using.
You may ask what Mr. Parker is talking about this idea of throwing gold away.
Please let me explain. I am talking about senior citizens.
We have many older people who have wisdom and knowledge that can create and solve many problems.
More opportunities must be given to them.
Many people think that the old can not do the work any more and that it is only a young personís world.
Many years ago many cultures respected the knowledge of the old and now this is changing.
Remember that so called golden age people have an abundance of life experience and expertise that no book or computer can ever teach you.
We need to learn to respect our golden age people.

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Mar. 01, 2010

My Thoughts on Problems Solving
The way I find myself going about problem solving is to first look at the problem.
The hardest thing about looking at a problem is that most of the time we donít see or understand them.
The first thing I do is to clear my mind, I then think about my problem and a find a simple way to solve that problem.
I find my self looking at how nature works, Watch how nature generally solve problems.
There is very simple and efficient ways nature uses evolution to go about solving problems.
One of the most important words that stick in my mind is the saying that engineers use and that is keep it simple stupid or K.I.S.S.
I find this is a very effective problem solving method for me.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Apr. 06, 2010

My Thoughts on a Throw Away Society

We live on a planet that is running out of resources, but we keep making disposable items.
Our computer and cell phones are outdated the moment we buy them.
Our houses are not build to last for hundred of years.
What happen to quality in the things we buy?
We need to rethink our way of life and demand quality in our products.
We need to recycle our unused items to people who can put them to use.
We no longer can afford to be a throw away society
When I look at my electric motorcycle Electric Green and the way people respond when they see it.
I find myself thinking this was trash at one time and now people enjoy looking at it.
Most of my teaching tools are made from discarded items that people call junk or trash.
But if trash can open the minds of people maybe we need to take a strong look at what we call trash.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Apr. 17, 2010

My Thoughts on Earth Day

I found my self wandering what is Earth Day and what does it stand for?
I had the idea it was about saving our resources and using renewable green power.
I set out to show what we can do by making a solar array for green and renewable power.
My electric motorcycle is now powered by solar energy.
I showed my display on April 17th in Omaha.
I also showed my solar model house and a solar powered PA system for the kids to talk on.
Tons of people liked what I am doing and that made it all ok with me.
It was a very successful and inspiring event.

May. 04, 2010

Do I get paid for helping people?

I do get paid for helping people.
A young man who I supported, paid me recently and I gladly took his payment
This young man was working on his G.E.D and the key word was working on it.
On May 04, 2010 this young man paid me for giving him support.
I was given so must payment that I could not hold it all.
Now you may want to know how much he paid me.
Let me put it this way, the richest people in the world canít top this young man payment to me.
His payment was the words ďMr. Parker I got my G.E.D.Ē
How can you put value on something so priceless?
All I can say is thank you Mr.C.
I am now the most thanked man in the world.

May. 10, 2010

Set Backs

I been working on Electra Green's motor after it stopped working.
Going up a hill Electra Green's motor started to smoke.
I now know how big a Honda GL 1100 bike is when you have to push it.
Not having a second motor I was feeling the blues.
No one had any motors or money to help me get a replacment motor.
I started to think, this is it for this year to show Electra green.
I found myself thinking a motor is a motor.
Looking at my parts from other motors I told myself Electra Green will ride again.
Using parts from other motors I was able to get the motor to run, but the motor is more like a 2hp motor now.
I can now display Electra Green, but I can't ride it up hills until I get a new motor.
Through funding or donation I will restore Electric Green to full power.
The key is I did not let this set back stop me.
Set Backs

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

June. 08, 2010

The health care system and how it hit home with me.

I had a medical emergency and now I am set back a ton of money.
I did not have the money for them to start my care.
It looked as if I was not going to get the care I needed, but I was in so much pain that they took me in.
Like many of us I donít have medical or dental insurance, because I canít afford it.
Now I am in debt again to pay this bill off.
I am one of many in this health care dilemma.
We do need a change in the way our health care system is setup. Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

June. 13, 2010

Something Positive

I was at the Benson Days Motorcycle and Car Show in Omaha Nebraska on 06/12/2010.
My electric motorcycle called Electra Green was one of many bikes at the event.
I made some upgrades to the motorcycle and now it has four modes to charge the batteries.
Electra Green now has a new replacement motor installed.
I talked with many young and older people.
I even got to talk about staying away from drugs and gangs.
It is nice to give back to your neighborhood and meet so many wonderful people.
Thanks to all who support me and Electra Green.

July. 31, 2010

Working on Getting Pass the Work Experience Trap.

I just completed all of the EPA certifications for air conditioning.
I am now certified to work on anything from window air conditioner to the large air chillers units.
I even have the motor vehicle 609 certification, R- 410A certification, Preventive Maintenance Technician Certification, Indoor Air Quality Certification and the Green HAVC Certification.
The hardest part is to get a job in the building maintenance trade. How do I get the experience?
Most jobs are asking for 3 to 5 years experience.
I must find a way to buy all of the tools required for my field.
The funny thing is some of us seem to have a hard time getting passed the vicious cycle of getting work experience.
I had hope by getting all of the EPA certifications would prove that I am willing to go the extra mile to learn.
I will find a way even if I have to buy an AC unit and tools one at a time to give myself the experience.

Aug.20, 2010

The Art of Kinetic Driving

I found out that by driving electric vehicles to get the best miles per charge, you will need to rethink your driving habit.
Many people are driving cars using a technique called hypermiling.
You can check the web for more information on this.
With electric vehicles I learned to use a technique I am calling kinetic driving.
The way kinetic driving works for me is I would drive to my posted speed limit and then start coasting until my speed drops five miles per hour less than the posted speed limit.
Kinetic Driving is just repeating the process of coasting and acceleration to the posted speed limit again and again.
Just like hypermiling I would add power going down a hill and use the kinetic energy to take me up the hill or almost up the hill
The key is just like hypermiling you must practice kinetic driving safely.

Sept.11, 2011

Thinking outside the broken box

It has been some time since I had posted on my web site.
Like many Americans at this time, I was thinking about the hard times that I been going through.
The date 9/11 10 years ago proves that we as a country can still grow and can still become strong after a major event that tries to break our spirit.
I feel that I am strong and still have a lot to give.
We are having a need to keep strong and a strong need to keep surviving.
I am going to set up a web page called Thinking outside the broken box.
As many of you know we had a lot of storms that knocked out power and isolated communities from outside help.
I want to show people ways I would survive if our electric grid broke down, if I needed to get food, water and etc.
Thinking outside the broken box is a way I want to give back to the world from the mind of OTP.
Thanks to all who come to my site.
Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)

Feb.05, 2012

Being me again

I took a hard look at myself, if I don't try to build this electric car now I will not get it started.
In 2011, like many people I am looking for work and making it day by day.
Now that I made up my mind to build this electric car, I had to remember I did build an electric motorcycle with very little money.
If my electric car helps just one person it is worth it to me to build this car.
Sometimes all a person need is the right spark and I hope to be that spark again.
Now for 2012 I am going back to my old way of talking and helping people from 6 to 96.
I am going to do what makes me happy, and I am starting by inspiring myself first by making my electric car.
Take a look at our flag it is red, white, and blue, we are one flag we are one people.
Take a look at the people in our great nation, we are many colors.
United we are strong and that is why we are called the United States of America.

Mar.17, 2012

More than a bucket list

Building this car with all my road blocks has been a big challenge.
Many in America have road blocks that we must work out.
My strategy is to use all my resources to build this car.
America must use its resources to solve our oil, energy, social, economic, and job problems.
I have a very good friend who is in a wheelchair and many will think he is handicapped, but he is not.
My friend is one of my best resources, because he is using his mind and spirit to keep going.
If a wheekchair can't stop my friend, I will not give up building this car.
America, we can overcome our road blocks.

Jan.14, 2013

Starting A New Year

I am starting my 2013 off, building a new set of solar panels and a control system for my workshop.
I also want to build a solar powered camper and complete my electric car
Times are hard for many of us, but we must keep up hope and work together..
I am taking life one day at a time and giving it my best.

Orlando Tony Parker (OTP)